Complete a Sleep Study in the Comfort of your own Home

ARES™ Home Sleep Test

At Respira, we're proud to feature the ARES HST (Home Sleep Test) from Watermark Medical™. ARES stands for Apnea Risk Evaluation System. This technologically advanced, industry-leading sleep test allows you to get an accurate diagnosis for sleep problems while resting in your own bed. It's also user-friendly and extremely accurate, making it a reliable and convenient option for any patient.

Traditionally, patients who need to undergo a sleep study would stay overnight in a professional facility. However, this can lead to a variety of obstacles and inconsistencies when it comes to diagnosis. Many patients find it difficult to relax and sleep normally in an unfamiliar setting, which can lead to inaccurate readings. By sticking to your normal sleep routine in your home, you'll be more comfortable, and the results will be trustworthy.

The ARES HST has the lowest documented failure rate among all HST devices. The sophisticated sensors collect precise measurements of your sleep position, airflow, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and more. For added convenience, the device uses clear audio and visual indicators that make it easy for patients to understand when it needs adjustments. Best of all, the unique design is minimally invasive for unmatched comfort while you sleep.

Benefits of a Home Sleep Study

The ARES HST device offers a number of advantages and benefits:

  • Allows you to sleep in your own home
  • Comfortable to wear with no finger probes
  • Collects nine channels of data for a comprehensive analysis
  • Can test for consecutive nights
  • Easy airflow measurements
  • Calibrated acoustic microphone to record snoring levels
  • Measures head position
  • Audio instructions to minimize failure rate

Treatment Options