Get a proper diagnosis at Respira

The Patient Experience: What to Expect

From the moment you call our office to schedule your first appointment, to the day you complete treatment, you'll be in great hands. Our team works diligently to provide a thorough examination, proper diagnosis, and an individualized treatment plan that works for YOU. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect as a new patient at our clinic:

First appointment:

  • 1 hour appointment
    • Head and neck exam
    • Photos
    • Measurements
    • CT scan
  • At-home sleep study for 1-3 nights (if not completed in the last 5 years)

We also strongly recommend patients:

  • Schedule an appointment with our myofunctional therapist for further examination.
  • Attend patient education session (free informational seminars held monthly at Respira)

Second appointment:

  • Review sleep study results and analysis
  • Create personalized treatment plan
  • Select oral appliance
  • Digital impressions for custom appliance